• Coffee and Manda cookies
  • Manda Japanese seamed cake
  • Closeup of hands braking a cookie in half

Manda Table

The Story

MANDA TABLE is a series of pop-ups that showcase Manda Fermentation USA's products and vision. Through changing drinks and foods, customers can see, taste, and feel how Manda Superfood and Manda Superdrink can be consumed.


Visualize a table - a table with your family, friends, and perhaps a pet or two, laying by your feet. Linens curling to the breezes and shifting the light.

There is food, drinks, laughter - there is happiness.

Manda Fermentation's full product lineup is comprised of health foods, organic fertilizer, livestock feed, pet food, food for the fishery, and topical cosmetics (currently the health foods and organic fertilizers are being sold in the USA). Through these different products, Manda has the potential to work with different partners in different fields. Manda has the ability to work with all aspects of this "table", from the food and drinks that sit on top, to the table itself, and the rug beneath.

Manda's organic fertilizer, Manda Harvest, can be used on all plants.

Do you have a cotton farm? The cotton can be grown with Manda Harvest, and from there, perhaps we can help create clothing- or towels or linens. Maybe even a clothing brand?​

Do you grow trees or bamboo for furniture?

Manda can help grow these with our organic fertilizer.

Though Manda has an assortment of products that can be used on their own, one of the most unique and proud properties is that it can be used as an ingredient - whether a power bar company is looking to add a prebiotic component, or a soil blend is looking for an organic input material that helps plants become healthy or the land to rejuvenate, or a baker or alcoholic beverage company looking for a sugar substitute for primary or secondary fermentation.​ These unique products allow Manda to partner with different groups in different industries.

Manda understands that individuals, groups, and companies need to work together to help the Earth and is actively looking for partnerships, meanwhile educating about the benefits of fermentation, which is at the core of Manda's identity. With our partners, Manda hopes to contribute to the wellness of the people and the Earth.